wide1 [ waıd ] adjective ***
▸ 1 far from side to side
▸ 2 open/large
▸ 3 large/including a lot
▸ 4 about general aspects
▸ 5 going farther than meant
1. ) measuring a large distance from one side to the other:
Beijing's wide avenues and boulevards
An earthquake shook a wide area of southern Italy on Saturday.
a ) measuring a particular distance from one side to the other:
The stream is about 4 feet wide here.
The roads are barely wide enough for cars.
2. ) as open or large as possible:
a wide smile/grin
The boy looked at the intruder, his eyes wide with fear.
3. ) including or involving many different things or people:
Her proposal has gained wide support in the last few months.
His wide experience of the business world proved invaluable to us.
a wide range/variety: Workers must carry out a wide range of tasks.
a wide selection/choice: We carry the area's widest selection of wines.
a ) very large:
There are wide discrepancies in the service that patients receive.
Wide gaps remain between the Israeli and Palestinian positions.
She won the election by a wide margin.
4. ) concerning the basic aspects of something rather than the details:
The report looks at women's employment in its wider social context.
Senior managers are expected to take a wider view of problems.
5. ) going farther than the point that was aimed at:
a few inches wide of the target
a ) wide of the mark not accurate:
Earlier reports appear to be wide of the mark.
wide 2 [ waıd ] adverb **
1. ) as much as possible:
The door opened wide and people came streaming out.
Stand with your legs wide apart, then touch the floor.
wide awake: He was now wide awake and sitting up in bed.
2. ) over a large area:
The news spread far and wide.
3. ) to one side of the point that was aimed at:
Gonzalez should have scored, but he shot the ball wide.
wide open
1. ) opened as much as possible:
He stepped forward and pushed the door wide open.
2. ) not protected against something:
Politicians claim that the country is wide open to terrorist attack.
3. ) consisting of a large area with no buildings on it:
The region offers wide open spaces and no crowds.
4. ) with no obvious winner yet:
With the championship wide open, this weekend's games are crucial.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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